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Aspects of value : an investigation of Washington state water governance
Framing the grievable/ungrievable American citizen : visual representations <i>on behalf of</i> Katrina event survivors
Who bears the burden of disease prevention and reproductive control : a content analysis of state health department information on Zika virus
Neoliberal incarceration : how the modern prison enforces vulnerability and an economy of precarity both inside and out
The power of presence : Marina Abramović’s <i>The Artist Is Present</i> (2010) as an invitation to dwell in public feeling
Paranoia and pleasure : from 'real food' to 'real politics'
In your face : digital rider ratings and the facework process in the case of Uber
Staging "le Peuple" in yellow vests : a reading of the gilets jaunes
Mapping Egypt : examining the governmentality of World Bank development projects