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A single narrative : obscuring difference in the Guardian campaign against female genital cutting
A generic perspective on Trump's inaugural address
Why wouldn’t you just say that? : self-silencing and negation as strategies of the null persona in battered women’s narratives
Sovereign matrices : the disposition matrix, the state of exception, and the fate of public deliberation
Never again is now : parallels between Japanese American incarceration and Trump's Muslim Ban in the construction of the ideal citizen
Black Lives Matter, Bernie Sanders, and resistive rhetoric on the electoral stage
Feeling the Bern, voting The Donald : a case-based evaluation of comparative theoretical models of populism
When time and self unhinge : tracing the rhetorical markers of solitary confinement
A case of miscommunication : the U.S.’s polyvalent and polysemic political myth in its advocacy against Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law
Drone melancholia
"Called Forth" into practice : rhetorical materialism and The Call
Remembering 9/11 through news design : journalism, visual rhetoric, and collective memory of national trauma
The future is feminist : an analysis of Black women’s rage in American society through Beyoncé’s Lemonade
Whiteness at Whitman : a discursive study
Fracturing fantasy : liberal communism, consumption, and identity in the "Get a Mac" campaign
Engaging Ferguson : an affective exploration of uncivil disobedience
The power of presence : Marina Abramović’s The Artist Is Present (2010) as an invitation to dwell in public feeling
Framing the grievable/ungrievable American citizen : visual representations on behalf of Katrina event survivors
The race narrative in basketball : exposed by the 2014 NBA draft
Revocation of token status : the day O.J. Simpson 'turned' Black