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Quantum physics, cryptography, and SPAM tomography
The influence of a metal oxide surface on ligand exchange reactions between strong chelating agents
Comparing injury response pathways in regenerative and non-regenerative mammalian tissue to identify the divergence in regenerative potential
Archaeological site stratigraphy as a record of human resilience in the Islands of Four Mountains, Alaska
The influence of the ketogenic diet on insulin receptor expression in the caudal hippocampus
Microwave promoted iodination of anionic borate and carborate clusters
Quantification of sperm transfer during mating in two solitary bee species, Megachile rotundata (Megachilidae) and Nomia melanderi (Halictidae)
The behavior of iodine in multi-phase solutions
Computational and synthetic design of biomimetic model complexes of the Mo-Cu carbon monoxide dehydrogenase
Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection and bactericidal permeability increasing protein (BPI) autoimmunity in cystic fibrosis patients
Evolution of antibiotic resistance in surrogate pathogens Bacillus anthracis Sterne and Yersinia pestis KIM6 and KIM10
The influence of climate on colluvial hillslopes : insights from mapping hillslope asymmetry in the Eastern Mojave Desert and an exploration of digital terrain modelling using Structure from Motion
Quantity and quality control of RNA isolated from foreskin, rectum, and colon samples from HIV Vaccine Trials Network 941 Trial
The orbital angular momentum of light
Reactive transport modeling of depth to pedogenic carbonate in semi-arid silt loam soils of southeast Washington
Xenon-129 NMR and surface tension of aqueous micelle solutions
Determining radial profiles for prestellar cores detected with Herschel
Effects of golf course fungicide applications on beneficial soil biota