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Comparing injury response pathways in regenerative and non-regenerative mammalian tissue to identify the divergence in regenerative potential
Petal anthocyanin evolution by R2R3 MYBs in Mimulus cupreus and Mimulus luteus var. variegatus
Analyzing the antibody against H-Y antigen in hematopoietic cell transplant patients
Comparative lipid class analysis of fall and spring Pacific herring (Clupea pallasi)
RNA interference knock-down suggests that PIRL6 functions in the male gametophyte of Arabidopsis thaliana
Using QPCR to screen for the onset of morphological plasticity in the rat model of brain information storage
Identification of potential small-molecule cancer drugs in E3 ubiquitin ligase systems
Pretreatment with serum-free media enhances short-term adhesion of osteoblasts to borosilicate glass
Blink and you'll miss it : blink rate as a proxy for striatal dopamine in reward-related tasks
Genetic variation of Hepatitis C Virus p7 protein in chronically infected patient cohort
Investigating the structural basis of pulmonary vascular stiffening in hypoxia induced pulmonary hypertension through quantitative analysis of collagen and elastin ultrastructure
The role of high-fructose and high-fat exposures in the pathogenesis and progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Outwhitting influenza : permissive mutations may compensate for fitness defects of the influenza drug-resistance mutation via multiple mechanisms
Quantity and quality control of RNA isolated from foreskin, rectum, and colon samples from HIV Vaccine Trials Network 941 Trial
Relative expression and cloning of the PATE gene family in Mus musculus
Computational and synthetic design of biomimetic model complexes of the Mo-Cu carbon monoxide dehydrogenase
Evolution of antibiotic resistance in surrogate pathogens Bacillus anthracis Sterne and Yersinia pestis KIM6 and KIM10
Synthesizing a biomimetic model of the Mo-Cu catalytic site of carbon monoxide dehydrogenase
Synthesis and evaluation of peptidic epoxyketone inhibitors targeting the human 20S proteasome
PnpC1C2, a type II hydroquinone dioxygenase