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The contact mediated role of astrocytes in dendritic growth and development
Optimization of peptidyl allyl sulfones as clan CA cysteine protease inhibitors
Unraveling the complex roles of genes in the PIRL family on Arabidopsis pollen development
The glaciofluvial environment of Linnébreen, Spitsbergen, Svalbard
Comparative lipid class analysis of fall and spring Pacific herring (Clupea pallasi)
Variations in the soil properties of the premier vineyards of the Columbia Basin : implications for terroir
Role of sirtuin genes in longevity
The red giant branch BVI luminosity function of M15
Developing a novel animal model for the study of Parkinson's disease : focusing on the early loss of noradrenergic neurons
Cracking up : lithological controls on non-tectonic rock cracks, Mojave Desert, California
Optimization and imaging analysis of carbohydrate microarrays
Using QPCR to screen for the onset of morphological plasticity in the rat model of brain information storage
Topographic lineaments and expression of fracture arrays in the Edelman and North Paint Rock Creek lineaments, Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming
Stream erosion and beach deposition during the December 2007 storm, Hood Canal, Washington
Investigating the structural basis of pulmonary vascular stiffening in hypoxia induced pulmonary hypertension through quantitative analysis of collagen and elastin ultrastructure
Relative expression and cloning of the PATE gene family in Mus musculus
The killing project : increasing the efficiency of cytotoxic T lymphocyte in killing cytomegalovirus-infected cells in an in vitro setting
Sedimentology and age constraints of Pleistocene outburst flood-related deposits in the Palouse Hills, southeastern Washington
Fitness benefits from climate change in a temperate lizard