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Crystallographic workup of the wild type ring cleaving dioxygenase PcpA, and synthesis of associated biomimetic model complexes
Summer surface activity of a sub-surface microhabitat specialist (Ochotona princeps)
Magnetic susceptibility of the Palouse loess as a paleoclimate indicator
Heavy metal concentrations and environmental quality in three Wisconsin lakes
Inhibiting γ-secretase in myeloma tumor cells to improve killing by chimeric antigen receptor T cells
Jaw-dropping sculpins : comparative functional morphology and evolution of the Cottoid feeding apparatus
Analyzing the geomorphic parameters of beaver habitat along Panther Brook, New York
Mating system ecology of the American bellflower (Campanula americana)
Isochrone fitting of Hubble data in UV-Vis-IR bands
Microwave assisted syntheses of CB₁₁⁻ carborane derivatives