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Malleability of political attitudes regarding the 2016 presidential election
Mindset and stress : abstract and concrete thinking’s effect on coping with situational stress
Written disclosure's effect on cognitive performance : the role of emotion regulation
"Invisible" disabilities : identity management and well-being in college students
Optimal stopping theory : behavior of pigeons (Columba livia) in the Secretary Problem
Racial discrimination advocacy : targets' views of their advocates
Choosing beauty : choice frameworks, beauty practices, and perception of discrimination
The relation between bilingual education and children's intergroup attitudes
Working memory for musical and verbal material under conditions of irrelevant sound
Let's talk about feelings : emotional intelligence and aggression predict juvenile offense
Effects of mental health factors on young adult substance use
Emotionality and gender of a third party reporter on memory distortion
The effects of risk and promotive factors on academic achievement among adolescents
Effects of ethnic identity and national identity on perceived discrimination among Latino adolescents
Judged at first sight : the effects of stereotype inconsistency on interracial romantic evaluations
Alcohol and the power of suggestion : their interactive effects on the insight phase of creative problem solving
Psychopathy and online trolling : examining the mediating effect of relationship quality
Strategic locomotion in young walkers
Age related associative memory performance under divided attention
Parental behaviors as a function of perception