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Queer youth in a liberal society : the FAIR Education Act and beyond
Couchsurfing as a means to refashion modernity : hospitality, nostalgia, and authenticity in an online/offline community
Waiting for the magic bullet : the complex nature of artemisinin resistance and the future of containment efforts
Working memory for musical and verbal material under conditions of irrelevant sound
The infestation of stigma : an ecological systems approach to the stigmatization of head lice
A critical examination of United States v. Windsor : rethinking victory, normalcy, and assimilation
Emergence of digital teachers : can video games perpetuate gender roles in youth?
The effects of risk and promotive factors on academic achievement among adolescents
Effects of ethnic identity and national identity on perceived discrimination among Latino adolescents
Retriving the lost souls of modernity : a study of neo-shamanic practice
Interrogating "refugeeness" : the imperial legacies in U.S. asylum policy and international humanitarian frameworks
Language matters : linguistic relativism and Native American language revitalization
Affluence and environmentalism : invisibility and injustice in Jackson, Wyoming
Esclavitud en la frontera : immigrant detention as successive systemic slavery
Mind the gap : an essay on gardening politics
Making "good" mothers : structural violence, poverty and prison programs for mothers in the United States
Teachers talk : a case study of Lincoln High School's trauma-informed disciplinary philosophy as understood and implemented by teachers
The effects of change modality on change blindness in pigeons and humans
Why it's not right to be green : an analysis of fundamental incompatibilities between conservatives and the environmental movement in contemporary America