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Allyship in social justice : definitions, practice, and use
Malleability of political attitudes regarding the 2016 presidential election
Optimal stopping theory : behavior of pigeons (Columba livia) in the Secretary Problem
Off with their heads! : an analysis of the Levantine plastered skulls during the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B
Who bears the burden of disease prevention and reproductive control : a content analysis of state health department information on Zika virus
Reconciling the French dilemma : attitudes of the French Millennial generation towards Maghrebi immigration and assimilation in France
Emotionality and gender of a third party reporter on memory distortion
Thought for food : epistemologies behind local food in the Blue Mountain Region
Living with harm : the impact of the LEAD program and new strategies of drug intervention in Seattle
The sound in the open
The role of states in the era of climate change : the implications for the future of environmental law
When refugees are terrorists : conceptualizing the racial logic of statelessness
A new biocitizen : reclaiming agency through radioactive narratives
The effect of motivational and instructional self-talk on precision and endurance performance tasks
The impact of motivation on selective attention as mediated by consciousness of goals
The tritone paradox and the Simon effect : a study of pitch perception
Donald Trump and the denial machine : institutionalizing the U.S. Climate Change Countermovement
The Whitman legend : the intertwining of history and memorial in the narrative of Marcus and Narcissa Whitman
The pretty project : exploring the mechanisms through which girls learn about prettiness from their mothers
Part of a complete breakfast : morality, family, and health in children's cereal commercials