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Weaponized empathy : encountering the Other on the page
Neoliberal incarceration : how the modern prison enforces vulnerability and an economy of precarity both inside and out
The female genital cutting controversy and the rhetorical implications of ‘culture’ : a review of campaigns against the practice
The last laugh : stand-up comedy as postcolonial testimony
Are Asians apolitical? : a look into West Coast AAPI immigrant women's political participation and civic engagement levels at public and private college institutions
The relation between bilingual education and children's intergroup attitudes
A third-world spirit? : finding an opening through an ethics of listening
Seniors in rural area’s perspectives on China’s migration policies and their political transmission to the offspring
Psychopathy and online trolling : examining the mediating effect of relationship quality
Reenacting history : revealing fractures in contemporary Nigerian bureaucracy
Environmentalism on vacation : place attachment, identity, and pro-environmental behavior in a Coloradan ski resort town
Stephen B.L. Penrose Jr. and the case of the Palestinian refugees
The relationship between triarchic factors of psychopathy and substance use, internalizing psychopathology, and suicidality
1970s punk rock : a 'fuck you' to the spatial homogenization of New York City
Rethinking political participation in China : online activism as a proxy site for political contention
That's disgusting! : conceptual reorientation tested through eye-tracking data
Parenthood and identity after the neonatal intensive care unit : experiences in parenting a NICU graduate
Minneapolis for whom : a case study on how the false NIMBY/YIMBY dichotomy serves white people's interests
#MeToo, Mommy : cultural reproduction through parental mediation of sexual knowledge and media consumption