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Cultural staples in crisis : a historical analysis of southern resident orcas and Chinook salmon
The curious tale of Julie and Mark revisited : does sexual arousal inhibit disgust and moral disapproval?
Examining the effect of choice-based ads on perceived ad intrusiveness and effectiveness
Minimalist architecture and interior design in America : a mise-en-scène of desire, a staging ground for action
The trouble with Tract D : exploring indigenous disturbance of settler-colonialism on the Yakama Reservation
Physical memories, eternal city : sourcing collective identity in the topography of Rome's Campus Martius
Closet, community or bubble? : queer life at Whitman College from 1975 to 2011
Age of the last first citizen : the Neronian period
Toxic prisons : an exploration of the connection between prisons and Superfund sites
Equity of domestic water access : a case study of Walla Walla, Washington
Access to outpatient mental health care in Walla Walla County
Effects of fluoxetine in mitigating depressive symptoms in socially isolated zebra finches
Sexual socialization and agency for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
Mapping Egypt : examining the governmentality of World Bank development projects
Caring in the commons : exploring the promise and peril of building a community-based political economy
Supporting vital labor and advertising the authentic : examining interconnection in the Walla Walla wine industry
Transitional justice as peacebuilding : of bridges or barriers?
"Assisted autonomy" and sexual rights for individuals with Down Syndrome
The effect of depth of processing and delay on the anchoring effect