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In collaboration with students in Library 160: Documentation and Representation in Archives, the Whitman College and Northwest Archives created the Whitman Coronavirus Stories Project to capture the Whitman community’s experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. In March 2020, Whitman classes were moved online for the remainder of the semester. The project aims to document how students, faculty and staff are impacted as they work, teach and learn from home, and practice social distancing. The goal is to collect the stories, experiences, and evidence of our changed lives, both the painful and difficult, and the unexpectedly beautiful and hopeful. Academic, creative, artistic or reflective submissions are encouraged and accepted. To read more about the project and how to participate, visit our website: https://library.whitman.edu/blog/whitman-coronavirus-stories/. We invite continued submissions of stories to this project. To make a submission, click here.

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Creator (cre): Kelso, Harry
February 7, 2020

As the coronavirus started its descent into Seattle and other first hit areas, I went to see Macy's in downtown Walla Walla before it closed. I particularly wanted to see what is in these pictures, the old movie palace that is part of the historic building. You can see below the eagle where the screen would have been, and the rafters in the other picture. Hopefully it is not torn down! Whitman members were ruminating about the possibility of Whitman purchasing the site.

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