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Thinking Digitally: Data & Culture (IDSC 230) was designed to interrogate the information, machines, and systems that structure our lives. Using the Whitman Campus and the Walla Walla community as a source of materials and a laboratory, students worked collaboratively to design critical research questions that could be answered using digital tools. Students investigated practical, ethical, intellectual, creative, and critical interactions between the digital and non-digital worlds through text
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Students in REL 348 use materials in the Whitman College and Northwest Archives to investigate possible factors behind the secularization of Whitman College. When Whitman became a college in 1882, it very much functioned as a cog in the engine of an informal Protestant establishment that claimed that without the inculcation of Christian (i.e., Protestant) virtues, students would lack the necessary self-restraint that citizens in a self-governing republic required. After seminar discussions of
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