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Fan made of root. Handle appears to be made of wood and above the handle there are two circles, and inner,outer, and an open circle extending from the handle base that the roots all pass through as they extend out from the outer wooden dial. The inner wooden circle was a diameter of about 11.4 cm. Then outer circle of wood has a diameter of about 15 cm and the open circle extending from handle base has a diameter of about 20 cm. The handle itself measure out to a length of 10.5 cm and a width of 7.4 cm. The fan's wooden areas are decorated. For example, the wooden parts are covered in some type of paper or very thin wood and painted. The inner wooden circle was once painted gold and has a pattern made of ovular green and red shapes trimmed in black. The outer circle, on the other hand, was painted silver and has the green and red shapes lined in black, in a line, one following the other. The outer open circle once had its edge covered and painted; gold on one side, silver on the other. The handle was painted with gold, outlined in black and has the same shapes and colors as the inner and outer circles-but they are larger. Where the hand holds onto the fan, at the handle, was once covered with something cloth-remnants evident-can still see string left over. Places around fan where roots are separating from wooden dial. Cracking evident on painted surfaces. Accession File states: "Fan. Turkish. Of Sandalwood root."


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Sandalwood Root, Wood, Paper ?, Cloth

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Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Isaacs


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