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16 various pieces found in box: 2 rings, 1 possible earring, 4 beads with holes, 4 beads without holes, 3 stones, 1 large carved stone, 1 circular metal disc. Rings: The rings are all oval shaped, made of copper and are a similar size.There are oval areas on the upper portion of ring for the placement of a gem/stone, or other type of decoration. Rings are rusted. One ring has a slight chip in the front. The ring with no chip has a diameter 2.1 cm and it's oval is 1.3 cm in length; the chipped ring has a diameter of 2.2 cm and it's oval is 1.4 cm. Earring- Not fully enclosed onto a circle, open at end and one side curls up into a swirl. Possibly a large nose ring. There is a spot on this wire which makes up the piece for a metal or stone that once was on the ring, but is no more. The length across this item is 1.9 cm. 4 Beads with holes are all different. The first appears to be stone, cream in color. Rounded, and has a length of 1.3 cm and a width of 1 cm. The second bead is of a smooth black stone, larger than the first, and measures 1.8 cm in length and 1 cm in width. The third bead is made of brass, flat and a rude circle. The diameter is 1.7 cm. The fourth and last bead with a hole is made of some milky white material, possibly stone, and round. It measures 1 cm in length by 0.7 cm in width. The white material inside the hole part reflects the light and seen though the milky surface of the bead, it appears shiny. 4 Beads without holes. These could be stone, but due to their shape, they most likely came off of jewelry. The first is very small smooth oval shape, flat bottom with a rounded top, light blue, it measures 0.9 cm in length by 0.6 cm in width, most likely some type of stone or gem. The second stone is a dark blue, and when polished, it sparkles from the inside. Possibly a gem, or stone of some sort. Has the feel of glass. The bottom is roughly curved, top of rounded, measures about 1 cm in length by 1 cm in width. The third stone appears to be some type of a reddish/clear agate, diamond in shape that measures 2 cm in length, 1 cm in width and 0.5 cm in height. The fourth and last piece appears to be metal, possibly copper, round. The back side shows evidence of once being attached to some other surface. This piece measures 1.1 cm in length by 0.7 cm in width. 3 Stones, each different. The first is a smooth rounded stone, light brown in color. Flat bottom and curved top, this stone has a diameter of 2.5 cm and a height of 1.3 cm. Is appears to have been carved to have a base. The second stone is irregular in shape, possibly once oblong, but broken now. Measuring 1.3 cm in length, but 1.1 cm in width and 1.3 cm in height. The third and final stone is a black/gray color, smooth, and flat bottom with rounded top. It measures 2.9 cm in length by 2.3 cm in width and 1.2 cm in height. 1 Large carved stone looks like a rams head with horns. The face has two eyes, one circle encircled with an outer circle. The "horns" project out the the right and left, the right one being longer. The back side of this stone has two double holes. This item measures 5.6 cm in length, 3.3 cm in width, and 2.1 cm in height. 1 Circular metal disc, heavy, has a diameter of 2.5 cm. This item has some gold shiny parts, but they are very small and faint. Possibly a weight or a game piece. Finally, there were three small broken fragments found with these 16 items. Record Book states: "8863 Rings, beads (16 pieces) From Marash, Turkey. Rev. James Lyman. Marash, Turkey. Jan. 5, 1940." Artifact notes state: "Various rings, beads, etc. 'Rami [(?)] head,' etc. 8863."


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Assorted Stones, Copper, Metal, Agate

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Marash, Turkey


Rev. James K. Lyman


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