Effects of ethnic identity and national identity on perceived discrimination among Latino adolescents

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    Creator (cre): Mecca, Sara
    Creator (cre): Benjamin, Katherine
    Advisor (adv): Pahlke, Erin
    May 14, 2014
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    Little psychological research has explored Latino adolescents’ identity and their experiences with ethnic discrimination. Latino college students’ ethnic identity may be protective against the negative effects of discrimination. Recent studies have documented both positive and negative effects of having strong national identity among minority ethnic group members. The current study examined how Latino adolescents’ ethnic and national identities are related to their perceptions of and affective responses to discrimination. We explored the relationships between ethnic and national identity, perceived discrimination, and the amount of stress and type of affective responses following experiences with discrimination in thirty-five Mexican-American students. Ethnic identity was positively correlated to perceptions of discrimination, as predicted. Additionally, ethnic and national identities were also positively related. This finding indicates that future research on this topic may need to consider ethnic and national identities in tandem. Importantly, bicultural youth scored higher on the measure of perceived discrimination than non-bicultural participants.

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