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Spring 5-11-2016

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Kurt Hoffman


Erbium-doped fullerenes Er@CC60) comprise an erbium ion or ions encased in a carbon cage and have very interesting optical properties. Here we present the results of our recent study on the production, isolation, and optical characterization of Er@C60.To optimize Er@C60 production, we used sublimation methods to separate the numerous metallofullerene molecules created in the reaction process. We then performed spectroscopic characterization of Er@C60 through its emission spectra, and performed fluorescence lifetime measurements of Er@C60 Finally, we built a tunable laser for optical measurements by using laser dye, a nitrogen pulsed laser source, a stepper motor, and LabView software.

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Erbium-- Isotopes --Spectra, Erbium -- erbium-doped fullerenes -- Er@c60, Physics-- Research-- Data processing, Fullerenes -- Optical properties, Laser spectroscopy -- Scientific applications, Ions-- Spectra, Emission spectroscopy, Whitman College -- Dissertation collection 2016 -- Physics Department

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