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Spring 5-9-2018

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Race and Ethnic Studies


Zahi Zalloua


Ana Lily Amirpour's first feature film A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night offers a hybrid aesthetic that reflects the cross-cultural experience of individuals situated in diasporic communities. How does one read this hybrid aesthetic form without flattening its scope? To tease out the implications of such a reading, I turn to Edward Said theory of contrapuntality which concerns how to read overlapping and contesting experiences.

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Amirpour, Ana Lily -- A girl walks home alone at night‚ Said, Edward W. -- Contrapuntal analysis‚ Cross-cultural studies‚ Aesthetics‚ Nationalism‚ Multiculturalism‚ Culture -- Interpretation and construction‚ Cultural fusion‚ Language and culture‚ Whitman College 2018 -- Dissertation collection -- Race and Ethnic Studies

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