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Spring 5-9-2018

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Elleni Zeleke


This thesis is interested in race and Supreme Court jurisprudence. I make the argument that the 2016 Affirmative Action case, Fisher v. Texas II, serves to bolster the latest iteration of the Racial Contract. The Racial Contract is Charles Mills's theory that underlying the promise of equivalent citizenship is the idea that nonwhites have been excluded from the full benefits of the polity in numerous ways. I investigate various examples from Fisher II in order to make an argument to support my thesis: the ruling in Fisher II serves to bolster and support the contemporary Racial Contract in a number of key ways.

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United States -- Supreme Court‚ Mills, Charles W. -- The Racial Contract‚ Jurisprudence‚ Race discrimination‚ Courts -- United States -- Cases -- Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin (Fisher II)‚ Citizenship‚ Equality‚ Power (Social sciences) -- United States‚ Affirmative action programs in education‚ Social sciences‚ Whitman College 2018 -- Dissertation collection -- Politics Department

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