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Fall 5-11-2011

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Peter A. Zani


Temperate ectotherms have been predicted to benefit from climate change, but few data yet exist to verify these predictions, and most studies utilize a model of uniform annual temperature increase. In this study, I examine the effects of asymmetric climate warming in temperate ectotherms by subjecting female Uta stansburiana to differing nighttime temperature treatments during their reproductive cycle. I found that higher temperature s during the ovarian cycle increased the proba bility of reproductive success and decreased the duration of the cycle , but did not affect clutch size, egg mass, or relative clutch mass. Higher incubation temperatures increased h atchling size, and decreased the incubation period, but had no effect on incubation success . These findings indicate that higher temperatures during the breeding season could increa se reproductive output and subsequent fitness in temperate ectotherms .

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Climatic changes, Uta stansburiana, Lizards -- Reproduction, Ovulation -- Regulation, Eggs -- Size, Eggs -- Incubations, Cold-blooded animals, Side-blotched lizards -- Eggs, Cold-blooded animals -- Effect of global warming on, Whitman College -- Dissertation collection 2011 -- Biology Department

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