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Spring 5-9-2018

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Dr. Patrick R. Frierson


In this essay I will describe a phenomenon when encountering a vista in the natural world. In my own case, it was a phenomenon like the one I describe that provoked me to turn to contemporary environmental philosophy. This phenomenon seemed – at least prima facie – to be a paradigmatic case of either what Holmes Rolston III describes as a person realizing the positive creativity of the natural landscape or what J. Baird Callicott describes as an event in which a person sentimentally projects value on to a natural landscape. However, I will ultimately conclude that both of these approaches fall short before giving a positive account of elucidating the phenomenon by utilizing Martin Heidegger’s concept of “anxiety.”

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Rolston, Holmes -- 1932- ‚ Callicott, J. Baird‚ Heidegger, Martin -- 1889-1976‚ Phenomenalism‚ Sentimentalism‚ Subjectivity‚ Landscapes‚ Value‚ Anxiety‚ Environmental sciences -- Philosophy‚ Philosophy‚ Mono Lake (Calif.) -- Panum Crater‚ Whitman College 2018 -- Dissertation collection -- Philosophy Department

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