Coaches: Chris Cahoon
Monday, April 11th
9:00 AM

Race, Trauma, Narrative

Renee Van Bergijk
Marlene Anderson
John Reed
Sarah Robinson
Chris Calamita

Olin 130

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Contemporary discourse surrounding race-based violence has established two critical and oft-repeated points. First, that we should be talking about race-based violence. Second, that it is difficult to talk about race-based violence. We approach the issue through the study of its relation to narrative and trauma: to the building of frameworks of meaning and discussion and to the breakage of those frameworks and the limits of discussion. We examine the subject position of the individual as it forms in relation to others. We carefully unfold the ethics of listening to the silenced: the limits of empathy and the dangers of transmission. We grapple with the tensions aroused in witnessing and testifying to racial trauma, hoping to engage in a healing discourse with those who have been formerly excluded, no matter the difficult questions and reflections such a discourse will inspire.