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Tuesday, April 11th
9:00 AM

Tiny Living at Whitman

Caroline Ashford Arya, Whitman College
Dani Schlenker, Whitman College
Spencer Mueller, Whitman College
Margo Heffron, Whitman College

Olin 138

9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

With the financial crisis of 2007-2008, the Tiny House movement attracted great attention because it offered housing that was affordable and sustainable. Tiny houses help people live simply with fewer materials. In some cities, communities of tiny houses are used to help homeless people transition toward self-sufficiency. Tiny houses offer a frugal alternative to the typical American home. However, tiny houses come with challenges such as zoning permits and issues with land and socio-economic accessibility. Tiny houses could be a future living option for Whitman graduates, but living in such a tiny physical space is not for everyone. Nonetheless, the concept of tiny living can motivate people to reduce their impact on natural resources and be conscientious about materials they use. Our presentation introduces the Whitman community to the wide world of tiny living possibilities and simple lifestyles through a potential tiny house demonstration project on campus.